I bought it week - LA Colors blue eyeliners

 So this week I'm going to be doing this thing where I only post products I've purchased with my own money. Why am I doing this? I'd started to notice a trend in what I was posting - and it was very heavy on the samples from companies. When I first started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, I was DETERMINED to do everything on my own, that I wasn't going to be one of those bloggers who looked like they are doing it for free product. Then I got my first press samples... I won't deny that press samples are awesome. But there came a point, for me, when I looked at my blog, and other blogs, and wondered what the motive is. If you're in it for the free stuff, it's not the right motivation - and that's how this was born.

So what's on tap for today? Two gorgeous blue eyeliners from LAColors!

I am always on the lookout for good, cheap makeup. Imagine my surprise when I found $1 eyeliners, long lasting to boot, at Dollar General! I decided to try out some in blue shades because I didn't have any eyeliners in this color. I've found lately that when I'm in a pinch, a colored eyeliner works just as well as eyeshadow does! Slap on a color eyeliner and my mascara and I'v got a subtle pop of color going for me ;)

The two liners I purchased are an Auto Eyeliner in Navy and an Eyeliner Pencil in Electric Blue. The Auto Eyeliner is self-propelled and twist-up; the Eyeliner Pencil is just like the name suggests, a pencil in need of sharpening. On first inspection, I was a little wary of the electric blue shade, and I wondered if I would really ever use it - but I did. I've worn in several times!

The thing I love about these liners is that they are so pigmented. For the price, you absolutely can't beat the pigmentation and the wear. The color selection is awesome, as well! If I wasn't on a no-buy, I'd be at Dollar General buying every single liner ever. Below is an eyelook in which I used the Electric Blue Eyeliner Pencil. As for the shadows, I used Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts in Troublemaker (teal) and Indian Summer (orange). These photos were taken after 3 hours of wear.

There are a few other bloggers participating in this challenge with me. I'll be posting lip, eyes and nails this week, but you guys should also check out these bloggers, too! They will some wonderful posts for you all week long!