Jesse's Girl Glow Stix lip gloss in Tangerine swatches+review

**press sample**

TGIF! It's been the longest, hardest week I've had in a while! I'll be so glad for this week to be over, and for next week to start! I asked on my Facebook page yesterday what my readers wanted to see today, but only one person responded! So I'll go with their suggestion - Jesse's Girl Glow Stix lip gloss in Tangerine! I received this from a company representative, and I've been hesitant to use it! ...until now!

I've never really blended lipstick with lip gloss, or well, anything else, before. It's because I didn't get what makeup brushes were for, ya know, and I just kept telling myself I couldn't ruin my lip gloss by getting my lipstick remnants on the brush :) haha! Well, a while back I was wearing NYX matte lipstick in Bloody Mary and I decided to do a little experiment.

See how it's so rainbow-y in the bottle? When I put it over Bloody Mary, it was WAY more obvious in person just how "electric" this lip gloss made my lips! It was crazy! However, photographing that "electricity" became a challenge.

We had to do a couple different angles and some different lighting to pull off these photos, and they STILL don't do them justice. But with these three you can see the orange ribbons of color swirling over the now toned-down lipstick. The effect is super cool!

My only issue with this gloss is that it takes a fair bit of it to make this effect, so it ends up really thick on the lips. My biggest issue with these lip glosses are the brush, which is more a lip brush than a doe foot applicator. I didn't use the brush to put this gloss on this time, but when I wear it alone, I will. The brushes in these lip glosses are historically troubled, can be stiff and get out of whack pretty easily. I've been assured by the folks at Jesse's Girl that they are working on the issue :)

Do you blend lippies a lot? I'm going to start working on that more often! You can get this gloss from the Jesse's Girl website or at Rite Aid. Price is $4.99.

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