Milani Fantastical Plumage Collection swatches+review

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Ready for another amazing collection of Milani cremes? I have the Fantastical Plumage Collection to share with you today! It's a collection with deep, rich colors inspired by wild life! PLUS - another black and white glitter topper that goes with this collection! :)

Our weather has been so up and down lately, that when I swatched these,we really didn't have much bright sunlight. I swatched these with as much natural light as I could get. I stood in the doorway at my front door and snapped away ;) I think the colors are as accurate as I could have gotten then outside in direct sunlight. Except Blue Jay...Blue Jay was so super hard to photograph!

 Check out the photos after the cut!

Like with the Retro Glam Collection, I wore all of these and then used Carnival, the black and white glitter, as an accent finger. Let me tell you a little about Carnival. It's definitely NOT the easiest glitter to dig out of the bottle. I had a lot of issues with it. It's definitely a dab and place glitter.

As for colors! Let's start with Canary! I love this bright, sunny yellow! It reminds me a lot of Cult Nails Feel Me Up and Zoya Daisy, so I see a comparison coming up! Pictured is two medium coats. The formula on this yellow is stunning. Simply amazing. It's so hard to find yellows that are creamy enough in two coats, and this one is!

Next up is Blue Jay, a very purple-toned blue. My pictures are still a little more blue than I'd like them to be, but it's super difficult to photograph blurple polishes. It's a gorgeous color, at any rate, super rich with a great formula. Pictured is two thin coats.

Now on to Peacock, a soft, powdery medium blue. I used three thin coats to achieve what is pictured. The formula isn't bad on this one - just a little thinner than the other colors, but it's all right. It's not so horrible that it messes with the entire polish. I really like this shade, and I don't own many like it.

How about a Purple Martin? haha I had absolutely NO idea what a Purple Martin was, so I had to look up a photo. It's a very pretty bird! :) As for this color, it's a medium purple...not all that original. But it's still pretty! I'm trying to think of a color in my collection like it, and if I find any, I'll do some comparisons :) Pictured is two thin coats.

And last, but certainly not least, is Scarlet Ibis, a very orange-leaning red. I might actually go so far as to say it's a red-leaning orange. To me, it's definitely got more orange in it than red. At any rate, it's got a GREAT formula - almost a one-coater.

So my picks? This one is tough! If forced to choose, I'd say Canary and Blue Jay, but honestly, all the colors are great. If you are a fan of dab and place glitters, I'd highly suggest Carnival. It is a great concept, but the dabbing and placing is so time consuming.

Both collections (Retro Glam and Fantastical Plumage) will be available at select CVS and Meijer stores during the month of August. Please note that some stores might put up the collections before August. Both collections will also be available online.

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