Ninja Polish - The Clark Collection!

Oh my goodness, so I have some sweet, sweet polish to show you today! No swatches, but this is a very special collection! As some of you know, my puppy, Clark Kent, had a birthday recently - he turned a year old! I asked Rhonni at Ninja Polish to see if she could come up with a red, yellow and blue polish for me...and she knocked my socks off with 6 polishes!!

Aren't these amazing!!!??? I love how she tossed some green in there, too, for Kryptonite! These are simply amazing, and I was so touched when Rhonni sent them to me. She didn't name them, but included labels so that I could name them! :) All the labels had dog-Superman-Clark hybrid phrases, so I enlisted the help of my son to name them. Here they are!

Super Dog is a dark yellow jelly-ish base with blue and red glitter. It is opaque enough to be worn on its own :)

Clark Kent Pingle reminds me of Superman Floam! haha It's made of the same type of glitter as Floam, but the colors are red, blue and yellow :)

Dog of Steel (THE CUTEST NAME EVER!) is a clear base packed with bigger red and blue glitter and smaller yellow circle Floam-like glitters.

Super Clark is a glowing green base with red and blue glitters. Like Kryptonite is taking over Superman!

Super Ruff is a yellow base with red and green glitter. This would actually be a nice Christmastime polish, as well :)

Clark Kent could be Kryptonite Floam! hahah It's got the teeny tiny Floam-like glitters in a slightly murky grey-ish green base.

How amazing are these? :) I will be wearing them over the next few weeks, and I'll post photos :) I am absolutely in love with these. Thanks Rhonni! You are such a great friend :) These polishes will not be for sale, but they are so dear to me!