Ninja Polish Dragon Collection!!! swatches+review PIC HEAVY

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I am beyond excited about today's post!! Well, I WAS going to post it yesterday, but time sort of got away from me. I am absolutely bursting at the seams to tell you about this collecition - the Ninja Polish Dragon Collection! Five, all-new shimmery, glittery, duochrome-y goodies! They made their debut at Cosmoprof this past weekend, and I've been chomping at the bit to get them up!

Look at those pretties!! My photos for this post are taken in varied degrees of light, ranging from direct sunlight, shade, direct flash and indirect sunlight - some photos are in perfect focus, some are a little out-of-focus to show the shift in colors. I have a TON of photos to show you guys, so this post definitely requires a cut!

At first, when I received this collection, I fell in love with Hydra and Basilisk. Simply gorgeous. But then, as I started wearing them, Komodo stole my heart. Komodo's got a red-orange-gold shift that is simply breathtaking! I wore it over a black base (WnW Inkwell, to be exact), and it makes the red tones pop so much! This one is going to be in definite rotation for my nails...and it's already earned a spot on my Top 10 polishes of the year! (first two photos are indirect sunlight, bottom two photos are direct flash)

Let's move on to Hydra, which is extremely eye-catching and gorgeous! Purple-blue-green shift happens in this one, and it reminds me of a galaxy on the nails! Every which way you twist or turn your nails, you can just watch the color shift across the board - amazing! The top two photos, and well as the left bottom photo, are worn over black. The bottom right photo is worn over a blue base (NYC Boat Basin). I didn't like the blue base as well as I'd hoped. (all four photos are indirect sunlight)

On to Chameleon! This one was SO hard to photograph! Orange? Red? Gold? Purple? I see it all! But my camera didn't pick it all up! The best example of the shift is in the bottle! haha I tried the shade, I tried hiding it in a corner and using the flash, I tried sunlight - this baby is just elusive for me :) That being said, it's a lovely deep duochrome shade, which I believe would be fitting for Halloween :) (top left and bottom right photos are indirect sunlight; top right and bottom left are direct sunlight)

Next up is Enter the Dragon! Glitter bomb goodness ahead! This one seriously reminds me of OPI's discontinued Mad as a Hatter - only a darker version...if that makes sense. I can't really think of a better way to describe it :) haha ...well, and it kind of looks like Mardi Gras on the nails in the right light. It is swatched over black for my photos. Purple, green, blue, pink, gold? I see all those colors and more than likely more! (top row and bottom left are direct sunlight; bottom right is direct flash)

Now we've come to Basilisk, one of my original loves of this collection!It's a green-gold-bronze shift, and, well, I just wasn't in love with it on the nail :( Don't get me wrong it is SUPER pretty, but, I dunno...I'm just not feeling it. I swatched it over black, of course. Maybe a different color would help. I wonder what it would look like over a deep brown. I might try that one next :) (all four photos are indirect sunlight)

These are not available JUST yet on the Ninja Polish website, but they will be VERY soon! I urge EVERYONE to get Komodo - my absolutely favorite! :)

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