Stur - the secret way I'm drinking more water!

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Happy Thursday! It's hard to believe, but in a week and a half, my son goes back to school! And in less than a week, he will be 9 years old. Time is certainly flying. Today's post comes from my standpoint of not putting off something any longer - drinking more water!

It really isn't a HUGE secret. But I want to share Stur Liquid Water Enhancer with you!!! I've always known I needed to drink more water, but water tastes so bland to me. I've tried adding different things to my water - fruit, powders and other liquids. The fruit was messy to cut up, and the powders and liquids all contained additives and other chemicals that aren't good for you at all. So when I was offered the opportunity to try Stur, I jumped at the chance!

Stur is a family-run company with a passion for bringing healthier alternatives for managing diabetes, losing weight or just trying to stay on track and healthy. The idea came about when the owner's wife was pregnant and was told to drink more water. He began his search for a healthy additive, and ultimately decided to make his own! The story can be found here. Stur is a natural Stevia sweetener, with no sugar, no calories and 7 nutrients. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, either.

My main concern with my water intake as a beauty blogger is water has been said to help with healthier skin ... and there's always the need to be healthier overall and lose weight. Daily intake of water helps with both of those things to assist in flushing out toxins. But I've always had a mental block where water was concerned! I needed flavor! I needed something that wasn't so boring! Stur has been my secret weapon and a blessing! Putting in something to flavor my water is a MUST, and Stur helps me stay even healthier!

Stur liquid enhancers are so simple to use! You take a glass of water, shake up your bottle of Stur, take off the lid and then add it to your water. It's a little squirt-type bottle, so be careful to not start squeezing the bottle until you're ready. Add as little or as much as you want! I'm on the low end of how much I add. I like just enough added to bring a tad bit of flavor.

The size of the bottle is 50ml, and on the site right now are three flavors - Purely Mango Orange, Simply Strawberry and Honestly Lemonade. I was also offered the chance to try three other flavors, as well - Only Mint Cucumber, Truly Pomecranberry and MY FAVORITE,  Proudly Tea & Lemon. I have liked all of the flavors, and I rotate them each day, but Proudly Tea & Lemon is my favorite. I also quite like Simply Strawberry and Truly Pomecranberry.

Thanks to Stur, I am drinking more water than I ever have before. Which is a win-win - great for me and great for Stur. They have a customer for life :) ...especially with the Proudly Tea & Lemon ;) Check out how you can purchased your own bottles here. They retail for $3.99, and can be purchased in bulk.

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