The week in review from my little corner of the web, 7-20-13

I'm going to start a new Saturday feature here - spotlighting my weekly posts, some posts around the web I liked AND posts from the Midwestern Beauty Bloggers! This will evolve over time, I hope - and will be ever bigger and better each week! Speaking of which - I need a catchy name for this feature. Anyone got any ideas? :)

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom posts this week:
Monday: Milani Retro Glam collection
Tuesday: Ninja Polish Clark Collection!
Thursday: Ninja Polish Dragon Collection
Friday: Mint Manis for Talia

Posts from around the web:
The Nailasaurus gives us a waterfall nail art tutorial.
Things I Love At The Moment shows off the Milani Fantastical Plumage collection.
The Clockwise Polish offers a double-stamped look.
Set in Lacquer makes me want My Darlin' Clementine with her swatches!
Samariums Swatches offers us a look at some Contrary polishes.
Beauty Judy offers us a look at some of the upcoming ORLY collections she saw at Cosmprof!

Midwestern Beauty Bloggers links:
The Black Widow's Place is having a giveaway!
Kiss on the Chic shows us her pastel animal print!
Daring Nails offers a little flair with her dotted accent nail!

And there you have it! I will be doing this every Saturday from now on - and hopefully I'll have graphics and a cool logo next week! :)