Inspired by a Book Mani series - Black Lightning

Every week I will bring you nail art! Thursdays used to be Fail Art Thursday, but hopefully I'll have less "fail" here! I'm going to do this series (for as long as I can), with nail art inspired by books! The covers of books specifically. I hope to be able to do this EVERY Thursday - and I'm going to try my hardest to make this a weekly feature - there are SO many books I can utilize :)

So what is this week's book? Black Lightning by John Saul! He's my favorite author, and I own all his books! The cover is neon green, black, grey and white...and I was having trouble deciding what to do! I thought about using GITD, but eventually I figured out that wouldn't work. I then tried a random tape mani (putting different sizes, shapes of tape on my nails and painting drops of color), and that was a hot, hot mess. I asked some friends what I should do - and I ended up trying everything they suggested!

I used SO many polishes! hahah In one form or another, I used: Wet n Wild Inkwell and Stand the Test of Lime, Catrice London's Weather Forecast and Pure Ice Wild Thing (all of which were purchased by or traded for by me) and Julie G Holla-Peno and White Orchid (both of which were sent for review).

So I've got a gradient on my pinky, a really, truly sucky lightning bolt on my ring finger, my attempt as a cloud mani on my middle finger and random, off-center "shadowed" polka dots on my pointer. This is the first gradient I've had turn out well! I was quite pleased with it :)

So what do you guys think? I am really looking forward to what I can accomplish with this feature! Is there a book you'd like to see me attempt nail art inspired by? I'll gladly take suggestions! I can even get the book checked out from the library if need be ;)

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