Jesse's Girl Brown Eyed Girl palette swatches+review

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Happy Sunday all! How was your weekend? Ours was packed! Friday night, we had a family movie night - went out to eat and to see the new Percy Jackson movie, Then last night, we went to a cookout at my brother's house. Today I'm heading to church and then to just relax - which will probly include swatching/testing of some sort and laundry. But this morning, I'm offering something kind of amazing. An eyeshadow palette from Jesse's Girl that wore on me for 13 hours. Yes, you read that right. 13 hours.

Yeah, I went there. Totally cheesy! haha Even cheesier? I received this palette in a goodie bag at LAST YEAR'S Cosmoprof! I mistakenly put it in a box of things I thought I'd already reviewed! So when I was organizing, I found it and decided it was high time to get this sucker posted about!

Nine colors in the brown-neutral spectrum. I am more prone to wear colors like this. I occasionally like to step out of my norm and throw some teal or green in there, but for the most part the colors in this palette are the foundation of every eye look I've ever tried haha

The shadows aren't chalky, which to me is the #1 thing going for them. I will admit that I am not a complete expert on "the best eyeshadows," but I like what I like. These shades glide on smooth and are super easy to blend. I'm not the best at blending yet, but I'm learning more every day :)

So I decided to do up my eyes one day with this palette when we were going out shopping. Like a dummy, I walked out the front door before taking a photo. I figured all was lost, and I would just have to use it again to show it off. I was wrong. When we got home, THIS is what my eyes looked like...

After 13 hours of wear, my eyes still looked this good! Granted, I had a little mascara slippage under my eye that I cleaned up, but for all intents and purposes, my eye makeup didn't move for 13 hours. This is exactly how I left the house. I did use Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer as my base. It's my go-to primer, and I REALLY like it.

I forgot to mention the other best part - the price. This whole 9-pan palette is only $5.99. Yep. $5.99. You can buy it, or one of the other 9-pan palettes, here on the Jesse's Girl website. They are also available at Rite Aid.

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