Zoya Fall PixieDusts for 2013!

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Sheesh. I've been trying to write this post all day! hahaha A little here, a little there...and it all adds up to finally publishing! :) Today's post includes the gorgeous Zoya PixieDusts for Fall 2013! They are soo pretty and soo sparkly that it was hard to pick a favorite :)

I will add upfront that I wore Carter for 4 days with minimal tipwear and not a chip. That's right - no top coat and 4-day wear! Check out bigger pictures and my thoughts after the cut :)

Let's just kick this off with Carter shall we? Gorgeous royal purple with the matte textured finish - so spectacular to look at on the nail.  Like I mentioned previously, I wore this mani for 4 days. I am in love. The texture isn't annoying, it doesn't get caught on anything...it's just like a spray of sugar on your nails. At first, I absolutely wasn't on board with the textured trend, but it's slowly growing on me. Carter shown in two coats.

Next up is Sunshine, a lovely denim blue. The Zoya site says it's a "Van Gogh" navy blue, but I think denim is a better way for me to describe it :) This would be my favorite color in the collection. You can see the texture better in this polish, as well, as it's more matte and less sparkly when dry. Sunshine shown in one coat.

Now on to Chita, a deep forest-y green. This polish, too, has more matte than sparkle, and I like that. You can really see the texture, and it looks so amazing :) Like I mentioned above, it feels like a layer of sugar, soft and sweet to the touch. The name Chita makes me think one of two things - Chiquita bananas or cheetahs haha - neither of which look anything like this polish :) Chita is shown in one coat.

What's next? Dhara! She's a fiery tangerine color that burns. Seriously, this color just looks like it burns!! I'm such an orange fanatic, you know, so this color skyrocketed right to the top of my favorites :) Dhara is shown in one coat - and I just noticed that on the ring finger you can tell! Isn't it amazing what you can't see until after the fact?

How about some berry-hued texture - like Arabella! The name of this polish is a little special to me - I have a 9-year-old son...but if he had been a girl, his name would have been Ara :) This polish was more...I don't know how to describe it. It wasn't so much sparkly, and the matte was there, but it was...more...juicy? Yeah, I think juicy is the right term. Wasn't exactly squishy, but it was juicy :) Arabella is show in one coat.

And lastly - Tomoko, a silver textured matte that leans a little toward off-white. What I'd call a "vintage white," like the old wedding dress. Not snow white, and not tan...that vintage-y color in between. Zoya's site calls it "champagne," and I'd say that's pretty accurate as well. I just see this as a wedding color - it just screams that to me :) Tomoko is show in two coats.

My impressions overall? I really like this collection. The colors go well together, but I'd say the standouts for me are Carter and Sunshine. LOVE those two. The formula is pretty consistent throughout. I'm certain all of them could be one-coaters. It's all about application :)

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