Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier review

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Ugh. I've got such combination skin. My T-zone gets dry while my cheeks are oily. It's so annoying! Your face is always a delicate balance :) I've had my makeup end up just wrecked by the end of the day without some sort of intervention. I've used primers before and they work, but I've been testing a product that really stops it at the source - Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier!

I've been applying it before my makeup as a primer. It smoothes my skin and leaves it nice and mattified - giving the makeup a great base to hold onto. I tend to use an oil blotting pad in the afternoon. Or I did. Using this mattifier has completely negated my need to do so :) Tho, keep in mind my cheeks weren't terribly oily before - just enough to tell I've got some oily action going on.

Very simple - it's just like any other creme I've ever used. I found out that a light coat over my face works best (maybe because my oiliness wasn't horrible to begin with). I suggest, when you try this, to vary your application until you find the one that's right for you!

The Bioelements line is not currently available in brick-and-mortar stores, but is available in selects spas and online. You can purchase it here.

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