End It movement awareness giveaway winners!!!!

I want to thank each and every person who helped, donated, entered - ANYTHING - for helping making this giveaway a success. I have selected the winners, and they have been e-mailed! If you see your name here, get back with me! :)

I am now going to work on getting the WONDERFUL mani photos up on the site! I'm creating a page for the top bar where they will ALWAYS BE. If you'd like to provide a mani now, you can very well do so! I can add it to the growing list of ones I've received! :)

Also, I've decided to make this a year-round thing. I'm going to be doing pop-up giveaways - contests - whatever I can every once in a while to keep the awareness up. And, I've decided I'm going to make this giveaway an annual thing. So next year, I hope to have a giveaway just like this one!