Inspired by a Book Mani series - Why I'm Afraid of Bees

Every week I will bring you nail art! Thursdays used to be Fail Art Thursday, but hopefully I'll have less "fail" here! I'm going to do this series (for as long as I can), with nail art inspired by books! The covers of books specifically. I hope to be able to do this EVERY Thursday - and I'm going to try my hardest to make this a weekly feature - there are SO many books I can utilize :)

So what is this week's book? I let my son pick again, so...another Goosebumps book! He picked Why I'm Afraid of Bees this time around, so I knew I had to use my textured polishes that I received for review from Milani Cosmetics for this venture! The bee on the cover of the book is definitely textured! haha

I'm actually chalking this one up to a failure. It just doesn't look good! haha I used Shady Gray and and Yellow Mark for this mani. For the ring and middle fingers, I tried sponging on, in kind of a gradient style, the stripes on the kid-bee's belly. Eh.

It's not horrible - it just looks weird hahah I think a better way would have been just paining stripes on, rather than trying to sponge.

So what do you guys think? I am really looking forward to what I can accomplish with this feature! Is there a book you'd like to see me attempt nail art inspired by? I'll gladly take suggestions! I can even get the book checked out from the library if need be ;)

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