Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub review

**press sample**

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It's Wednesday!! I've got a review of the Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub that I received from iFabbo. This scrub is very different than any other scrub I've tried. Most of my scrubs are sugar-based....this one isn't even close haha

It's VERY gel-like. I loved the way it felt, but I prefer more grindy bits. I wasn't fond of the smell. It's not bad, but very vaguely man-ish. I mean, it smells like my husband's body wash. I can put up with it, but wouldn't want to smell like it all the time :)

I use it on my hands a lot (it's really great for cleaning up around the cuticles after polishing hehe), but I decided last night to try using it on my face in the shower - WOW. My skin was so soft afterwards! ..but the smell kinda put me off haha

You can get this from HSN for $25.

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