So I created my dream polish...

So I have this polish in my head. It's, you know, THE polish. I came up with what would be my perfect orange jelly with teal glitter. Yes, that's my dream. I can't seem to find a polish like that, tho, so I decided to make it myself with a jelly sandwich!

I started with two coats of Zoya Coraline, then added two different teal glitters - ORLY Mermaid Tale and Essence Edward. Then I topped with another coat of Coraline.

..and this is the end result! Unfortunately, this is a photo of my nails from my phone. As I've mentioned, I've been stuck in bed with Sciatica all week long. I painted my nails Saturday night, before all this happened. I've had the same nails since. Which means, this is a photo of my nails at 6 days of wear, Only the one slight clip there on my ring finger. I think it's holding up very well!!

SO I've got some amazing things coming up for you guys - the Zoya Zenith collection, some new Rainbow Honey polishes - and I won the Neon Collision collection from Salon Perfect! I'm hoping to get back to work this weekend on this blog and get some posts ready! It's really difficult to get stuff done when you're not sitting at your own computer - but I'm gonna try! :)

Do you guys have a dream polish that hasn't been made? I'd LOVE to hear about it! :)