Zoya Cashmere collection for fall 2013 swatches+review

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I've had the constant feeling of running behind lately :) Case in point, I'm doubling up on posts today to bring you the Zoya Cashmere collection! Our sunny days have been so come-and-go lately that I swatched these with the lightbox. I'm still not sure what I think about them haha I think I need a black background in my lightbox.

I'll talk about formula on all of these polishes, because all 6 were the same. A tad on the thick side, which I like! They all applied very well in two coats and I had no issues. Check them out after the cut!

Let's start of with my favorite - Livingston! I wasn't expecting to like Livingston as much as I did. This color is a great red - it leans a little brick-esque, but doesn't quite go over the end.

Next up is Sailor! Love this color of blue. I'm always a fan of darker colors, especially in the blue family. I called this a dark navy blue. I hadn't noticed until recently that Zoya was lacking in darker blues, but then Natty was released, and now Sailor :)

How about some Pepper? This one is the brick red of the collection! You can definitely see the purple undertones here. Reminds me a lot of Riley - might havta do a compare post soon.

Ahh Hunter! A darker green. This collection could have pretty much been my wedding - Pepper, Sailor and Hunter were practically my wedding colors! hehe Deep rich greens have always been a downfall of mine :)

Now for Louise - the color of chocolate. Between this polish and Dea, Zoya definitely has this color down! It looks so rich and creamy!

Last, but not least, is Flynn, a caramel-y sort of neutral brown. This will come in handy in bases for manis, I just know. I tend to use neutral colors in bases for nail art and chunky glitters. The color is soft, and I think it's too soft for my hands. Too neutral for me. But a lovely color nonetheless :)

See any polishes you like? You can buy these online from Zoya's website for $8 each, or buy all 6 in a sampler pack for $48. You can also find these at Ulta and Whole Foods :)

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