#hepicksmypolish Indigo Bananas Cake or Death!

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This week is almost over? Yep - another week steamrolled right over me, leaving me wondering what I've been doing! haha It's #hepicksmypolish time! Each month (or a few times per month) I'm going to have my husband, son or maybe even my puppy, choose a nail polish for me to feature here. This was originally the brainchild of Sparkle Queen as a monthly thing :) Maybe I'll get adventurous and have them EACH pick out a polish and do some nail art, who knows. For this post, I had my husband pick a polish for me to use. And he chose Indigo Bananas Cake or Death! This polish was given to me by Andrea of IB, and I adore it! I haven't actually met an IB that I didn't absolutely love (and I've got some more to share with you soon!) This polish is a linear holo described as burgundy. My assessment is that this polish cannot be described as one color such as burgundy. It's pink. And purple. Touches of blue. Maybe a tad yellow? With flakies. Pink and black flakies. Sound interesting? This polish applied flawlessly. Two coats over regular base coat are pictured.

This polish is on sale at the Indigo Bananas' Etsy shop for $12 for a full-sized bottle and $7.25 for a mini.

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