Precision Nail Lacquer Toxic Love Collection swatches+review

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Wednesday!! What a great day, huh?? I have the Precision Toxic Love collection for you today. These polishes are soft and creamy and most of them apply in one coat! You all know how much I love one-coaters right?

Beautiful fall colors right? I think this collection fits right in with this time of year! The formula on the two creme polishes in this collection is spot-on. Just right right consistency....slid on my nails like butter. The shimmers were a little on the thinner side, but they built up nicely. I describe the colors in my own way in this post haha! But there are official descriptions on each polish's page.

I'm Addicted To You: A dark purple creme.
This color is amazing! Super shiny and a one-coater! (Altho you can see I sort of smudged it up at the tip of my ring finger, oops!) Depending on how you apply this polish, it could need a second coat, but my mouth dropped open when I applied the first coat and got this result.

I'd Love To Hate You: a grape-y purple creme.
This is a gorgeous purple, almost leaning a little bit pink. Again, one coat covered everything, but I can see where the need for two coats would come into play. This is close to the purple used for my high school colors :)

Intoxicated: a shimmery violet
There are definite reddish undertones to this beautiful purple shimmer. Again, this is one coat of the polish. I find myself having issues with photographing shimmers sometimes...they end up looking like they are swimming on my nails, or just downright wrong. But this one is pretty true to color.

Till Death Do Us Part: a vibrant magenta shimmer
This color is bright and bold ...and way pink! I'm not a fan of pink, but this polish was nice! The formula is opaque enough to be a one-coater, and the shimmer is stunning! I can see using this in nail art at a later date :)

Poison Ivy: a shimmering forest green
I had a little bit of trouble photographing this polish. I almost had to blow out my hand (so I look like I'm so darn pale!) to get the color close. It's a lovely color - just hard to get photos to look right! haha This photo is a good representation of the color. I am a huge fan of greens, so I love this one :) It did take two coats, but it was worth it.

Toxic Wast-ing My Time: a caramel-ish bronze shimmer.
 I'm not sure what I think about this polish. I used two coats, and it still looks like it could use another in some spots. The color is so cool looking...very shimmery and bright. Almost like a copper penny :)

Do you guys have any Precision polishes? I so love these! I think the formula is great, and the colors are nice! They have a wide range of polishes listed on the website. They retail for $5.99.

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