Wet n Wild Wild Shine Fantasy Makers Neon Clairvoyance polishes!

You know those days where you have the best of intentions, and a plan, but nothing goes according to it? Yeah, that's today. This post should have been up this morning, but it just never made it...

I found the new Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Neon Clairvoyance collection in a huge display at a CVS.Unfortunately they only had 4 of the 6 polishes left :( ...but you better believe I grabbed them!

Pictured above, from left, are Ghoul Time, Jealous Lover, Werewolf Vision and Frank Is Mine. I'm missing Vengeful Bride and Jailhouse Shock. I hope eventually to be able to pick those up, as well. I loved everything about these polishes. The formula was great, they built up wonderfully...and I'm always a sucker for creme jellies, which is what three of these are.

Let's start with Ghoul Time. This polish *glows* Seriously. It's just absolutely beautiful. The greenish yellowish shimmer running through this polish is amazing. It really catches the light. I couldn't get over how shiny it was! Pictured is 2 coats.

Jealous Lover is a magenta-y pink. It kind of changes colors in different light settings - even more so than regular polish. This is as close to the "real" color I could come up with...but I absolutely LOVED the way it looked in lower light. It had a big twinge of purple in it. Pictured is two coats, and you can see the jelly-ish quality.

Werewolf Vision is one of those polishes that I can never quite pull off. A neon yellow. Yellow makes my skin look weird, then you add neon-ness to it, and things just go askew. This one is no exception! haha pictured is 3 thin coats, and as you can see it builds up well...it's just not my color.

On to my favorite of these four - Frank Is Mine. It's gorgeous! I love this shade of green. Pictured is 3 thin coats, and yes, you can see some VNL but I'm okay with that because I love the color so much. It's such a clear, bright shade of green.

These polishes are worth more than what I paid for them! 99 cents each? YOU BET! I am so pleased with Wet n Wild's formula for their polishes. For the most part, they are spot on. I have so many favorites from Wet n Wild! :)

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**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friend.