Jordana Very Berry swatches+review

Fall is most definitely in the air around here - and it's getting closer to winter by the second! All the pretty leaves fell from the trees yesterday when it rained all day :( It seems like the leaves weren't on the trees very long in their multi-colored state this year. Our seasons are all out of whack :) So let's enjoy a nice fall color, shall we?

I used this color, Jordana Very Berry, as the base of my fall leaves manicure I posted Monday :) It's a beautiful blood red crelly. It's really thicker than a typical jelly, but not quite a creme. You can see in some places it looks a little uneven. That's the jellyish part of the polish. I still think it looks amazing! Love this color :)

I purchased this nail polish at KMart a few weeks back. The KMart I visited didn't have a very stocked display - but I do plan to look for more Jordana nail polish soon :)  I might order some online! You can't beat cute colors for $1.99.

Here's hoping that the Inspired by a Book mani series will resume next week!! I've been so busy with NaNoWriMo that doing in-depth posts or reviews take so much time...and I'm way behind on writing already, so I need all the time I can get!

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friend.