Audrey, Start the Revolution-inspired manis for my birthday!

Remember when I put out a call for a collab post for my birthday? Manis inspired by my favorite Anberlin song? Well, that day is today!

...and someone answered!!! Alexandria from A Girl and her Chicken Named Betty! Her mani is absolutely amazing!!!!

Here's Alexandria's explanation of her mani: My thumb is Audrey's song, my index is from the verse "So say you're in with cards down", my middle is from the verse "If this isn't love...", my ring is the streetlights from the song, and the pinkie is from the verse " let's move on this time is of essence, like your kiss"

This mani is epic!! I love it :) Thanks, Alexandria, SO MUCH, for submitting it :) It's truly amazing - and it DOES embody the song!!! As for me.... mine isn't as awesome as Alexandria's! haha

I used two polishes - China Glaze For Audrey and Essence Ultimate Pink - for a plastic wrap mani. See what I did there? :) hahah Audrey, of course, from the title of the song, and an Essence polish for the line "Time is of essence, like your kiss." The hearts are of course universal of "If this isn't love, this is the closest I've ever been."

So............. what do you guys think??? I'm so happy to have received Alexandria's mani! It's perfect!!