Top (copy)Cat nail art series - The Polishaholic's Waterfall nail art!

Today begins a new nail art series! In addition to my Inspired by a Book mani series, I'm starting up a series where I try my hand at nail art others have made! This will by no means be a weekly endeavor. I will work with the blogger in question to emulate their work - and I will always, always give credit. Unfortunately, this isn't the type of nail art series that will always be present - it will be an "as I see an awesome mani I want to try" thing :) So sit back, relax and watch me try! I know I will fail at some of these. But I know I won't get better unless I practice :)

I have admired Jen from afar for quite a while. She's a great friend, a wonderful blogger and a nice person! She used a tutorial (here) from The Nailasaurus, so I did too! First up, let's take a look at Jen's mani...

Sheesh that sure is pretty!!! You can read the details, including which polishes she used in her post here. I thought this would be a nice easy way to ease into this project - and it was so-so! hahaha Here's my take on it...

hahah! Not quite. But, honestly, I think I did okay for my a first go-round with this technique! I'd never tried it before. The polishes I used were all Zoyas: Pinta, Lael and Mira (all purchased with my own money) and Kendyl (which was sent for review). I used Color Club Gingerbread (also purchased with my own money) for the waterfall effect.

And there it is! I'm really looking forward to working with other bloggers to try to recreate their looks - and who knows, I DO have one makeup look to try to recreate, as well. Those take me longer and a lot more practice because I'm just not as good at makeup as others. I'll swipe some mascara on and call it a day most of the time!

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