Want to be a part of my birthday celebration post?

Hi all ! :) I've decided to do something extra special for my upcoming birthday - I'm going to have a collaborative post - WITH ALL OF YOU! That means I pick the topic, and you guys provide the manis! So what's the topic? Well, I was listening to a song the other night and singing (loudly) along when I realized it was my current favorite song. And it just happens to be by my favorite band.

Audrey, Start the Revolution by Anberlin!

youtube link: here
lyrics link: here

So.... why not have a collab post based around this song?  YES. Now, this isn't an instance where you can just send in a pic of a mani and say "WOW! This totally goes with this song!" I'm gonna need for you to explain WHY you think your mani fits with this song. It could have something to do with any of the lyrics, the CD cover, the names "Audrey" or "Revolution." I am leaving it open for interpretation, BUT you must provide a reasoning for your choice, or I will not allow it.

Deadline? My birthday is December 23, so all images must be to me by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 21. That will give me a day to prepare the photos and my post. Please send images (.jpg or .png preferred), along with your explanation, your name and one form of media link (if you wish - such as Instagram, blog, FB page), to polish@pingle.org. If you have ANY questions.