Zoya Naturel collection swatches+review

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I'm gonna say it right now. The Zoya Naturel collection reminds me of ice cream. The colors are all creamy, dreamy delights, and some of them are even one-coaters. I'm normally not a neutral polish girl, but these neutrals have some pink undertones, so they are a little more forgiving the mannequin hands :) And did I mention they remind me of ice cream? :)

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Let me start out by saying these polishes were super easy to work with I didn't have an issue with any of them. All were perfect in two coats, but some of them didn't even need the second coat! The pigmentation in these neutral colors is amazing. Each polish in this collection was seriously great to apply.

First up is Chantal, a French vanilla creme. Such a lovely color! It's got a hint of a peachy undertone, and that sets it off perfectly so that I don't have mannequin hands :) This is one of the one-coaters. Yes. Pictured is one coat.

Moving on to Taylor, you can see she's more tan or beige than Chantal. Taylor looks mannequin-esque on me :) hehe But it's still a great formula. I needed two coats with this one.

Up next is Rue! I kinda hoped Rue would be more purple, you know, closer to the wildflowers? :) It does lean to a light dusty lavender. This is another of the polishes that was a one-coater.

And we're up to the darker colors! Starting with Brigette...a mauve-ish neutral. Brigette needed two coats, but could have been fine with one had my first coat been a little thicker.

How about Odette? She leans way outside the neutral territory and brings in a lot of pretty grape hues. Odette was good to go in one coat.

And last but not least, a dusty purple-grey of Normani. I think there's also some brownish tones there too. Normani needed two coats for flawlessness.

Do you think you will get any of them? I think Chantal and Odette are my favorites of this group! You can order these polishes for $9 each for $54 for a set of all 6 on the Zoya website. Available now.

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