Royal Lacquer Chasing Smurfs swatches+review

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Have you ever had a polish that hides from you? That is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph correctly? I'm not talking about a color correction issue - I'm talking the sparkliness hides from the camera? That's the case I've got with Royal Lacquer Chasing Smurfs. It's a gorgeous polish - it just doesn't want to show the world! It's a blue jelly base with glitters that shift from blue to green.

I dub this journey.... Chasing Chasing Smurfs

Below is my first attempt at wearing it/photographing it. I used it to top Nails Inc Baker Street. You can see the sparkly bits in the photos, but not like you can see them in person! On my middle finger is a Vynails decal of a butterfly. Vynails and Royal Lacquer go hand-in-hand :) They are owned, operated and sold by the same people.

Okay, my second attempt, I decided to go a little darker with my base. I thought surely if I deepened the base (with Julie G Tokyo Nights), the glitters would come out, right? WRONG! I even used an artificial light source and tried various angles. You can see some purple blings on my nails and in the bottle, but still nothing like what it really looks like.

My third and final attempt was over a medium blue base (in the form of Zoya Edie). The photo on the left was taken indoors with indirect sunlight. I stood near my front door, but didn't let the sunlight actually hit my nails. The photo on the right was taken outside, with my hand shoved under something so it was in the shade. That photo, that ONE photo shows an inkling of what it looks like - but it's still not right!

As for my final thoughts - I think this is a polish you'll have to try and see for yourself haha! It's beautiful. I really do like it. But it never translated with photography. Or at least I haven't found a way to make it happen for me yet! You can purchase Royal Lacquer polishes from their website for $7.50. Just click on the little cart in the upper right :)

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