China Glaze Sea Goddess collection!

Perhaps you've seen swatches floating around of the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection? I know I'm seriously intrigued by them :) Vibrant, bright, pastel-ish matte glitters. And from what I can tell they seem almost textured? 

Discover the hidden treasures of the ocean this spring with China Glaze® Sea Goddess. Six vibrant matte and glistening glitters take you from the sandy, sunny shore to the depths of the sea where the mermaids play.
  • Shell We Dance – Flip those fins across the sea floor in this bright rose pink with silver and pink glitter
  • Sand Dolla Make You Holla – The tide meets the sand in this white polish filled with fine multi-colored glitter
  • Wish On a Starfish – Make dreams come true with a light pink and gold shimmer polish
  • Tail Me Something – Listen carefully to the whisper of the secretive sea in this glistening light lavender
  • Seahorsin’ Around – Splash around in this mermaid-tail turquoise with soft gold shimmer
  • Teal the Tide Turns – Swim through a seaweed maze of light teal with green glitter

This collection should be available at just about every Sally's Store by now, and wherever China Glaze is sold :)