Jordana Boy oh Boy swatches+review

I'm not someone who can purchase nail polish online very often. I mean, I can, but I don't like to. I like seeing the polish, holding it in my hands, checking it against my skintone. I know I'm probly in the minority :) hehe Which is why finding this polish, Jordana Boy oh Boy, was a happy moment for me :)

I'm a HUGE fan of blues. I have a ton. I needed to see this in person to truly appreciate it. It's a gorgeous sky blue leaning smartly tealish. Pictured is two coats.

Application was smooth, but the polish is a tad on the thick side. You can see on the sides of my pinky and ring fingers it looks like there's lines. I bumped my nails on something and didn't know it - had nothing to do with application! I didn't even notice until the photos were being edited haha

I purchased this nail polish at KMart recently. The KMart I visited didn't have a very stocked display - but I do plan to look for more :)  You can also order online! You can't beat cute colors for $1.99.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friend.