Zoya Magical Pixie Dust gradient

**press sample**
While I was swatching the Zoya Magical Pixie Dust polishes the other day, I noticed, as they were perched next to each other on the table, that they would make a stunning gradient. So I thought "What the heck! Let's try it!"

These Pixies are chunkier and grittier than the original Pixie formula, so it was a little tougher to get a gradient to form... but I think I did a pretty decent job! The base is Cosmo, then I swiped Lux and Vega on a cosmetic brush and dabbed it on. I could only do that twice because they were so thick.

I know it's not the best nail art. But I think it kind of looks like chunky cotton candy :) hahah Or well, like I mentioned in yesterday's post - rock candy :) You can order these polishes for $10 each for $30 for a set of all 3 on the Zoya website. Available now.

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