Zoya Monet swatches+review

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You know that feeling where you're just sitting there, spinning your wheels? That's how I've felt a lot lately. It's really affecting my blogging life. I have a plan for this weekend to get a bunch of blog posts set for next week... we'll see how that goes? I'm hoping to have a post every single say next week (and maybe a second post on some days?) I really need to get back to the Inspired by a Book mani, as well. I just feel like I'm slacking! But today, I do have a polish for you!

I really wanted to like Zoya Monet, but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy it. The formula was super thick and it was a full-on dab and smear polish. I tried just painting it on the nail and all the goodies ended up on my tips. That just didn't work! The upside? It looks FABULOUS over Dot from the Awaken collection. I got a ton of compliments when I wore this pair!

Zoya Monet over pink

Monet really grabbed the pink from the base and, you could really see it. I decided to try it over other colors from this collection to see how it went - I started with Cole.

As you can see on my pointer finger, that scenario of all the goodies ending up at the tip happened. And I didn't like Monet over Cole at all. It just looked weird... So I moved on to Hudson.

I had to take this picture half in the shade to even be able to see Monet. It didn't look good over Hudson, either. I haven't tried it over a black yet. I wonder if that would make it better? But in the meantime, I do like it over Dot. However, I'm not much of a pink person and will rarely wear the combo.

You can order this polish for $10 on the Zoya website. Available now.

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