Finger Paints Shredded Chrome collection

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Today I've got the chunky glitters of the Finger Paints Shredded Chrome collection, which is available at Sally's! I'm going to be up front and say that these polishes were hard to photograph for me - it seemed like they were literally too blingy to get good photos! So on one hand, check the sparkle! ...on the other hand, haha! I am wearing two thick coats of each glitter below - some could have made due with a third, if I'm being honest :)

Let's start with my favorite of the collection - Stardust Blush! This one has silver, gold and dark pink glitter (yes, I like the one with pink in it!), and looks chunkier than it is. A nice coat of thick topcoat and there'd be no bumpiness.

 And then, Metallic Moondust, which is just like Stardust Blush, but instead of pink glitter, it's green. This is one that could have done with a third coat. I like this one, tho. I think it would go great ith a thin coat over a very deep green.

Again, like the two before it, Stargazing Lilac has the gold and silver glitter, but this time there's lavender glitter along for the ride. This one, I think, is the most glitter packed of all 5 polishes. It almost give off a foil-esque appearance!

Now we're down to the ones I'm iffy about - the first of which is Crystalline Crush. This one featured the gold and silver glitter, along with a rose gold color of glitter. My only complaint is that it doesn't go well with my skintone, really. I think it's more of a preference thing :)

And finally, Gilded Chrome. This is the one polish in the collection without an additional color. It's very heavy on the silver, but there is gold also. This reminds me of serious BLING. For me, it would be best served as an accent nail to punch up my mani - and not on all my nails.

What do you guys think of this collection? They are super sparkly and shiny, that's for sure! They don't play well in the sun, and have the potential to blind you, I've learned hahahah You can purchase these right now at Sally's Beauty Supply.

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