Funky Fingers Jawbreaker swatches+review

Hey all! I've got my first "milky white with glitter" polish to show you today. I mean, I've never had one before - but apparently a while back they were all the rage! You'll havta forgive the ouchie on my middle finger. My cuticle got caught on my jacket and ripped off :(

This is Funky Finger Jawbreaker. I picked it up on my very first trip into a Five Below with my friends Jennifer and Kristin! The formula was really good on this, as I've found most of the Funky Fingers are. I needed three thin coats to achieve what is pictured. I like the way the glitter pokes out of the base very cleanly. It doesn't hide under so many coats - I'm guessing that's a white-based polish thing?

The best thing about it? Polishes at Five Below are 3 for $5. The worst thing? REMOVAL. Holy Moses. I used to foil method, of course, but it still didn't get all the glitter off my nails! Next time I wear it, I'll definitely wear it over a white base... and speaking of which - the white base. You can tell I've got some yellowing on my nails because the base of the polish on my fingers is sort of, well, not white. It's kind of pink actually...

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friend.