Milani Power Lips - how do they shape up?

Milani Power Lip Gloss Stain
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As I've branched out into makeup on this blog, I've come to find some brand new favorites - favorite products AND favorite brands! Milani is one of those brands. I never really paid much attention to Milani prior to my blog. I mean, I saw they had cute nail polish, and they also stocked a lot of makeup, but beyond that, I had no clue. Lately, they have stepped up their game even more with wonderful products - including what I'm featuring today. Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stains! I shared one of these with your previously in my Milani red lippies post :)

These are high-gloss initially, but then as time goes on (and wear goes on!) the gloss leaves behind a stain on the lips, keeping the color around for a good 5-6 hours on me, even with meals and my incessant habit of licking my lips. Once I tame that habit, tho, look out lippies! hehe The application for these is very different than anything I've ever used. It's sort of like a brush, and you twist the base, which feeds the product up through the brush. But be careful! Too many twists makes for too much product - believe me. I learned the hard way.

And how about the colors I've got? Let's start with Mango Tango! This orangey coral is my favorite of the ones I have! You know me and this color...

This next one, Cabaret Blend, is a rich, deep purple-red. I really liked this color, as well. It's not one I'd use for everyday wear, but I can totally see myself rockin' it on date night with the hubs :)

Next is Pink Lemonade - and honestly that's exactly what the color reminds me off! I actually like this red-leaning pink... it's not so in-your-face with its pinkness!

Last, but certainly not least, is Raspberry Tart, a mauve color. This one is definitely on the neutral side for me - that's not a bad thing! It's just not as bright or bold as the other colors.

Sooooooooooooo? Do they live up to the hype? I believe they do! They moisturized my lips, didn't leave them dried out, and the color lasted a fairly long time. The gloss lasts a shorter time than the stain, but heck with even just the stain sticking around, that's great! Most of the time I'd rather have the stain part anyway - the gloss gets in the way ;)

You can purchase these right now for $6.49 from the website. They are also available wherever Milani Cosmetics are sold - I normally get mine at CVS :)

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