Wet n Wild The Clock Strikes Orange - and why today is important to this blog.

Here's a gorgeous orange polish - Wet n Wild The Clock Strikes Orange. It's a beautiful polish, but the formula is problematic at best - and takes some patience. Pictured is three thin coats, but they have to be precise coats, or stuff starts..... sliding.

As you can see on my ring finger, stuff started sliding haha! I tried to go too thick and all heck broke loose. Sometimes I don't have patience - and this day was one of those times :) Regardless, I'm BLESSED to be able to show you this polish and blessed to be alive, even. You see, 8 years ago today, I almost died. It was a very traumatic experience for me, and it still remains a traumatic experience. HOWEVER. It's the reason I started blogging. And as I prepare to move to my new domain in a few months, it will remain a HUGE factor in my blogging. I'm alive! I can show you pretty polish, and you can join me as I venture into makeup and skincare! I do hope you'll be sticking around - I'm not going anywhere!!!! ...well, except to my new domain :)

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself. I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)