FingerPaints Pastel Rain Collection swatches+review

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection
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Ittttttt's springtime! Or well, here, it seems to have completely bypassed spring and dove right into summer! But we do still have some cool temps in the mornings, and those are nice :) Today's post hits a little on light, airy springtime colors - I've got the FingerPaints Pastel Rain Collection for you! This collection is so pretty! I'll go in-depth about the formula and each polish, with lots of pictures, after the cut!

Let's start off with some general information, shall we? The formula on all the cremes is pretty traditional - a bit patchy and oddly thick on the first coat, but even out for the most part with two or three coats. Personally, all of these evened out well in two coats for me, but I tend to start out with a thin coat and make my second one thicker. That's what works for me - but experiment yourself and see what works for you :)

Let's start off with my favorite of the collection - I Can Fly, a gorgeous turquoise-leaning blue. It had a great formula, and I didn't have a bit of trouble with it. Slick and smooth in two coats.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: I Can Fly

While I love Mistful Thinking (which is mislabeled on my bottle as Misful Thinking), it was patchy and a little hard to maneuver. You can see on my ring finger how, sort of, "goopy" it appears. The polish sort of slid a little and pooled down.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: Mistful Thinking

We all know I'm not a big fan of pink. And Springtime Bloom is very pink. I call this "bubble gum pink," because it's a very light, sugary pink, and it, well, looks like old school bubble gum. I can't say I truly like the color, but the formula on this one was decent.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: Springtime Bloom

Now let's move on to the sparklies, shall we? I swatched Crystal Springs over I Can Fly. Crystal Springs has blue and green glitter in it, as well as iridescent flakies that tend to look like shards. I had some trouble with the flakies laying flat, but it is possible. It just takes some careful placement.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: Crystal Springs

Next up is Shower with Flowers swatched over Mistful Thinking. This glitter reminds me of some of the newest Milani line. It's got small lime-colored glitters (hexes and bars) along with some gold-ish glitter. No issues with this being goopy. It went on smooth and straight.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: Shower With Flowers

And this one is A Pink of Pixie swatched over Springtime Bloom. A Pink of Pixie is just like Shower With Flowers, only it's in pinks instead of greens. Formula is the same, as well. Smooth and easy to spread on the nail.

Finger Paints Pastel Rain collection: A Pink of Pixie

Overall, I like this collection. The colors are great for spring and the formula is pretty good, too. I didn't have any staining with either the blue or the green, but I did double up on base coat when I wore them - so you might keep that in mind! You can purchase these right now at Sally's Beauty Supply.

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