March ipsy Glam bag - I'm so late!

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LATE. TARDY. NOT ON TIME. That's me! I am just not getting my March Ipsy bag up on the blog! Ugh. I hate that it's so late, BUT April and May will not be far behind! I did get some nice stuff in March :)

First let me say that I think the bag looks like a bunch of highly pigmented, bright amoeba. It's not that that's bad - it's just..... weird is all.

First up is bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick in Get Ready. It's a really gorgeous color, and I think it fits well with my skintone :)

This trio - NYX Love in Rio is definitely my kind of palette. More often than not I'm in a brown-cream-coral zone (because I was in it for so long!), and I tend to reach for those colors.

I'm pretty happy with my primer from Reviva Labs. This Pixi one, however, might earn a place in my travel bag. The tube is small enough to be stashed there, and the size is good! You can see in the bottom photo that it rubs in quite nicely, which just a hint of tint.

I've had to practice so much with marker-type eyeliners - they overwhelm me! I'm still a little shaky, too, so I just keep practicing! This color was just not for me, BUT the application was easier than most.

What do you think of this bag? I promise I have April and March upcoming! haha I really liked both of them :) Have you joined ipsy? Want to? I highly recommend this service - it's only $10 per month and you get great products! Some of them I probably would never have tried had it not been for ipsy!

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