Salon Perfect Traffic Cone and Fired Up Fuchsia swatches+review

**press sample**
The Salon Perfect Neon Pop Duos will have you thinking "SUMMER IS HERE!" We only have two more days of school and we are officially on summer vacation here. I thought showcasing these polishes today is the perfect precursor for vacation! But boy did they give my camera fits! Especially that orange one... sheesh! These two polishes come together in a special two-pack.

This polish, Traffic Cone, is no joke. I took, maybe 40 photos of this polish. It simply was too much for my camera at times. It blew it out, fogged it up and just looked so strange in some photos haha Believe it or not, this polish requires no white base and is opaque and streak-free in two coats. TWO COATS. This is definitely one of my favorite formulas. I ended up having to hide my nails from the sun, backing them against a wall to get photos.

Moving on to Fired Up Fuchsia. This polish plays tricks with my camera so much that the super subtle shimmer just barely shows up. I would even go so far as to say that these photos aren't even bright enough to truly show the shimmer. It's crazy, people. These polishes. And yes, again, this was a two-coater.

Have you found these - or are you on the lookout for them? I highly recommend Traffic Cone - but we all know how much I love orange! Salon Perfect is available at WalMart.

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