Nail Art with Salon Perfect Bellini and Mint Julep!

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Oh my my these new Salon Perfect duos are simply stunning together! This duo, I think, is my favorite - Mint Julep (mint green) and Bellini (peach)!  Two refreshingly indulgent drinks right here! I decided to do some nail art with this duo - but not before I wore Bellini for 6 days with the only small chip from where my nail just broke. You can see it a little on my middle finger. The edge is kinda.... just bad :)

Like I mentioned above, I wore Bellini for 6 days before deciding to do a little nail art with Mint Julep, tape and some studs from Salon Perfect. The main thing you need to keep in mind about working with tape is to take some of the stickiness off before you stick it to your nail - you might end up pulling polish off your nail if you don't. I just dab the tape against my skin a few times to make it less sticky, then put it across my nails where I want it. I painted the Mint Julep polish over the area I wanted, waited a few seconds then took it up slowly. I added the studs as sort of a barrier :)

What do you think? I love this pair! I already spoke about the wear time on Bellini, and the formula is just as good! I've found a lot of pastel-ish colors are goopy or thick and hard to manipulate - but these were perfect in two coats. Had no issues with them. Salon Perfect is available at WalMart.

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