Six from the China Glaze Off Shore Collection swatches+review

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Get ready for summer with the China Glaze Off Shore Collection, guaranteed to make you feel like it's 72 degrees in your head all the time (and that's a movie quote, do you know what movie?) These bright, cheerful colors will have you longing for sun, sand and surf!

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Of course, you all know my favorite of this collection would be Stoked To Be Soaked right? This orange with a beautiful gold shimmer was the first one I tried, and I fell in love. It's bright, but not too bright... and the shimmer is super subtle unless the light catches it.

I also love blues, so yeah, I love I Sea The Point, as well. This one I had a time photographing as a lot of my photos turned too blurple. I also had a little build up on my pinky - and I'm certain it was user error. I think my second coat was too thick and I smudged a little. No staining, but I doubled up on base coat.

As much as I love Shower Together (that's my favorite China Glaze!), you should know Wait N' Sea would hold a special place in my heart! This polish is an aqua creme that leans a bit teal. The formula on this one was the best of the 6 I've got, and I can see its potential to stain. It didn't stain on me, however. On instinct, I double up on base coat for blues and greens.

I'm sort of on the fence about If In Doubt, Surf It Out. It's a very pretty peach-toned orange creme, but it feels like it's trying to lean neon-ish. I had some issues getting a decent shot because the camera kept catching weird glints and whiting stuff out :)

There's a raspberry pink tone to the red of Sea's The Day, I think, and honestly that's what keeps it tied to this collection. Otherwise, it really doesn't fit with the other five colors. It's brighter and more bold than the others. Not saying it's not pretty!

Last, but not least (well maybe, knowing I'm not much for pinks haha!) is Feel The Breeze. For me, it's too light and bubblegum-y. The formula is nice, and I'm certain this color is for someone out there. It fits well with some others in this collection, tho, so it does have a great place.

Do you have a favorite? My favorite of these is definitely Stoked To Be Soaked. I love my oranges!! You can find these wherever China Glaze polishes are sold - I know they are out and on display at Sally's. Price varies by vendor. 

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