Zoya Bubbly Collection swatches+review

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I'm a little late with the Zoya Bubbly Collection but let me tell you - it's not because I was lazy. I had to swatch these THREE times to get pictures. These polishes are honestly the hardest I've ever had to photograph. I couldn't take them in direct sunlight - that washed them out. I couldn't take them in the shade - that darkened them too much. I had to take these photos outside, in indirect sunlight, facing away from the sun. It's nuts!!

All six of these polishes are sparkly, sparkly! Lots of holo glitter packed in there, and chunky to boot. These definitely need a thicker top coat if you want them smooth. They aren't textured, just chunky. For the most part, application was okay... but there were some tricky ones. More after the cut :)

Let's start with Muse, which is my absolute favorite! It reminds me of a mermaid :) Two coats of Muse were good to go, no issues. This polish didn't stain my nails, but I can see the potential that it could. I always double up on base coat with blues and greens.

Oh Jesy is so pretty! This polish reminds me of Destiny - only a chunky holo glitter. It's sort of a pinkish orange, but still an orange nonetheless! As with Muse, application was fine, and I had no issies.

Now Stassi is very pretty, but this is one of the polishes that I had some trouble with. The formula on this one was a little thinner than the others, so it took more for coverage. Pictured is three coats, but you can still see some VNL. I think Stassi might be best layered over another color.

On me, Binx is closer to pink that purple, but it's definitely a deeper color! This is another polish that I think would benefit from being layered over another polish. The formula was thin, but not as thin as Stassi. Pictured is three coats.

Normally my favorite of any collection is the orange, but not this time. Alma just wasn't my cup of tea. I dunno exactly why I didn't like her. The formula is good, two coats were needed. This polish just didn't tickle my fancy!

And Harper... bubblegum pink and sort of pretty. Still not a fan of the color pink, but this polish covered quite nicely in two coats. She looks a little crinkled in the photo, tho, so I'm not sure what happened?

You can order these for $9 each or all 6 for $54 on the Zoya website. Available now.

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