5 Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses swatches+review

**press sample**
Milani is really killing it this year with some of their new beauty releases! However, these Brilliant Shine lip glosses were not a hit with me. It's probably a personal preference, because I know a lot of people really like these glosses. I found them tacky and sticky; and they didn't last very long. Now this is all my experience - they have worked well for other bloggers! But just like my rave review of the Milani Power Lips, they worked for me, but not for others :)

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These colors look fabulous in the bottle. I was super excited to try them when I first got them - and the first few I wore, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. All five of these were the same on me. They made my lips stick together. But the good thing is the formula isn't very thick, so there wasn't much to stick when it did. But I found myself having my lips stick together when I was talking... and that just wasn't good. I had previously posted about another of this collection.

So here's what I'm gonna do - since all my thoughts are for each of these glosses, I'll just throw up the pictures. I'm all on board with the colors looking great! I just wish they worked better for me. Especially Berry Tempting. I love that shade! ...in the tube.

You can purchase these from the website. Price point is $5.49. They are also available wherever Milani cosmetics are sold! I get most of mine from CVS.

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