FingerPaints Poolside Paradise Collection review+swatches

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FingerPaints Poolside Paradise collection is a little taste of the rainbow. Isn't that kind of the tagline for Skittles? haha Well, it's true! There's some Roy G. Biv action going on - and the colors are all beautiful! This collection features 6 metallic shimmers, and they just seem to glow. Check out my thoughts, and a lot more photos, after the cut!

I've taken a lot of pictures of this collection. You'll notice four photos for each color - sunlight, shade, indoors with natural light and indoors with flash (in that order, as if you are reading a book). I've done this for several reasons. I want to provide a wide variety of lighting options for you to see how the polish looks - and also sometimes to blur slightly to see shimmer/glitter/shifts. 

Let's start with Be My Baby, the 'red' of this rainbow! I actually think this polish leans way pink and ends up sort of raspberry. Formula on this one was amazing! Two coats is what I'm showcasing, and those two coats were not streaky or patchy. This is one of my favorites of the bunch.

Two coats of Aloha Lei brings a gorgeous glowing orange. You'd think this would be my favorite, but it's just lacking that little pop to really get me into it. The formula is great, tho; I had absolutely no issues with it. I definitely think it's showcased better in the flash photo - that makes it look almost foil-y.

I was surprised I liked Hula Aruba! as much as I did! Generally, I'm not a fan of shimmery yellows, but the formula on this one made me change my mind about that ruling haha You can still see VNL if you look closely, but this polish gives off a glowy effect that is just mesmerizing.

Now, Margarita Mambo.... I really wanted to like this polish. The name alone is awesome! haha But the formula was the worst of the bunch. thin, watery and patchy. You can see in my swatches that there are "holes" in coverage... and the more I tried to fix it, the worse they got. So I gave up. I'm going to try layering this one over a similarly-colored green in the future. Or maybe a black. That could be nice!

The gorgeousness of Surf's Up is my favorite of this collection, hand's down. Two coats worked well for me, and there's a slight purple shift here. You can see it mostly in the shade and natural light photos. This one stained a bit around the edge of my nails, despite my double base coat, so beware! It wasn't horrible staining, and it was simple enough to take care of.

Another of this collection with shifty goodness is Wild Bikini, a grape-y purple. It doesn't shift to another color, really, just to a darker purple. This one had a formula that was thicker than the others. I had a little trouble maneuvering it around the nail, and you can see I've got some patchy-looking places on the nail. It's not horrible, and doesn't really detract from the polish, but the formula on my bottle was different.

I think this collection is my favorite that FingerPaints has put out this year. It's just a gorgeous rainbow of color! Do you have any of these? They are limited, and it looks like they are starting to sell out on! You can purchase these right now at Sally's Beauty Supply.

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