My Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag for June

I cannot sing the praises of Rainbow Honey enough. Excellent products, exceptional customer service. I've been nothing but pleased with this company in all my dealings with them. Their Mystery Bag program is no exception. I opt to get the mini bag, which last month included three mini polishes, a scented cuticle balm stick, a perfume roll-on, an exfoliating sugar soap, some mini orange sticks and small nail art beads. Yes, all that for $10!

Let's start with the polishes (pictured above). Pikake, Rose Macaron and Ichigo are the offerings this time. I love Rainbow Honey minis. The bottles are amazing! Below is my new obsession in cuticle balm - Tea Biscuit. It smells like cookies! I keep this tube next to my spot on the couch :)

I have yet to try this Exfoliating Sugar Soap (also in the scent Tea Biscuit), but it smells amazing just like the cuticle balm! You can feel through the packaging that it has texture to it, so I'm guessing it works just like a scrub... but in bar form.

Lastly is this perfume roller ball in Nucifera. I can't quite pin down the scent, but it's sort of floral, kind of sweet and sour. Very hard to describe. I'm not sure how often I'll actually wear it, but it's nice to have around just in case it's needed.

Have you guys ordered the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can opt in to a subscription and automatically get a bag each month - $10 for the mini bag; $25 for the full-size bag - or you can order month-to-month. I have opted to just order month-to-month.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends.