China Glaze Limited Edition The Giver Collection - Capacity to See Beyond

I knew when I saw this creme polish, China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond from the limited edition The Giver collection, I had to have it. It's a gorgeous shade of bright aqua blue. I didn't know it when I purchased it, but the formula on this polish is just flawless. It flowed on the nail like butter. Two coats is all I needed. And it didn't stain! But than again, I always say that with the caveat that I always use two coats of base with blues and greens. My staining has been cut down significantly since I started doing the two base coat thing.

(top row: direct sunlight; outdoors in shade...bottom row: indoors with natural light; indoors with flash)

What do you think? A must-have blue? I believe it is, and I'm very excited that I was able to buy it! There are a few others from this collection that I'd like to snag, but by the time my funds build back up again, they might all be gone ;) Do you have this polish.... or any from this limited edition collection?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.