My shopping haul - August 30, 2014 :)

Just sharing a quick haul post from my shopping trip yesterday. We didn't get to go where we wanted because the Jeep is acting funny - where we wanted to go is too far away to be stranded in case something happened. Our alternate plans proved quite fruitful for me, tho. I found the new Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2014 Halloween stuff!

HOW CUTE ARE THOSE TOMBSTONE CAPS? I purchased a set for me and a set to giveaway! I swatched them last night, sooooo..... Be on the lookout for a post this afternoon! Below are the names of each color.

Not just Halloween-esque polishes were purchased - I purchased China Glaze (two from The Giver collection and one from the All Aboard collection) and other Wet n Wild polishes! The Wet n Wild polishes are from an LE collection, Summer Festival. There are four polishes in that collection, but that one wasn't in the display. It's a light pink anyway, so no big loss for me!

I kind of lazily looked for these new eos balms when I first heard about them, but didn't try too hard - but I stumbled upon them yesterday at Goody's, which is a department store like Penney's sort of? It's got clothes, makeup, housewares, toys. It's not a big, HUGE store. I buy a lot of NYX there :) Anyway, the blue is Vanilla Mint, and the pink is Coconut Milk.

As we were getting ready to leave yesterday, and I was putting on my makeup, my cheeks and chin started to get red and inflamed, and blotchy and pretty gross. That usually only happens when I get something with Citric Acid on my cheeks. But nothing I had on my face (RevivaLabs primer, Olay tinted moisturizer) ha Citric Acid. I quickly washed my face and really have NO idea what happened. I decided I needed some alternative to use when I do makeup my whole face! Walgreen's was having a thing where you get LOTS of points if you spend $15 on Maybelline, so I figured why not?

Also from the Summer Festival Collection from Wet n Wild are two new balm stains. Festival Fashionista and Tangerine and Tribal came home with me :)

I FOUND THE NEWEST WNW PALETTES! I honestly didn't think I would. I actually found them in two different places, so that worked out REALLY well hahah There are four new palettes, but I snagged only two.

How did I do with my haul? See anything you think you might like?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.