Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag!

I've got my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag up during the right month! hahah The August bag features something in my favorite scent - I'm sure you guys remember my love affair with Summer Juice :) But first, let's see the two polishes included - Modern Hearts, a glitter featuring pinks and yellow/oranges, and 488nm, a brilliant blue creme that is part of a 2015 collection! Modern Hearts reminds me of pink lemonade :)

Here's more Summer Juice! I'm utterly obsessed with this scent. I do believe I have every product Rainbow Honey makes that can be scented with Summer Juice :) This body splash was a welcome addition to my collection.

The featured scent in this box is Royal Fruits. This scent is hard to describe other than to say it is fruity. It's a different scent that Summer Juice, and I do like Royal Fruits! Included in this mystery bag are a scented top coat, roll-on perfume and a cuticle balm stick.

Have you guys ordered the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can opt in to a subscription and automatically get a bag each month - $10 for the mini bag; $25 for the full-size bag - or you can order month-to-month. I have opted to just order month-to-month.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends.