Summer Juice all the things!

You all know about my love affair with Rainbow Honey Summer Juice. What started out with one small cuticle balm stick has become what you see pictured above. So I feel I should have made this graphic a long time ago...

*sigh* hahah! But I am proud to admit that I have almost everything Summer Juice scented from Rainbow Honey. I believe there's only two other products I haven't broken down and purchased. I'm not even certain HOW to describe this scent. It's fruity, but doesn't lean toward any particular fruit. It's definitely exotic - and it's actually puts me in the mind of chewing gum. Juicy Fruit to be exact haha

Let's start with the tubs, shall we? Pictured above are the Spa Cream and the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.The Spa Cream is thick and smooth. It doesn't feel heavy or waxy and soaks in fairly quickly.

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs is very gentle and works well. It's slightly gritty only in the sense that it sloughs off dead skin almost without you noticing it. I'm constantly in awe of how the scrubs that are less harsh actually work better than the ones you can feel being scratchy. Does that make sense? haha I'm a huge fan of scrubs, so I have a TON of them. Gonna be biased and say that this one smells the best of them all :)

Mmmmm top coat! This is the top coat I use on the second day of a mani to "freshen" it up - and by "freshen" I mean the smell! I haven't noticed dry time, but I've never had an issue with it being slow to dry. It smells wonderfully!

The perfume end over here is coming along nicely, having added a body splash with one of my recent mystery bags! I take the roll-on version with me almost everywhere, and I've been known to repeatedly put it on my wrist just so I can smell it ;)

Ahhh the cuticle balm and oil. The balm stick is where this obsession all started with me, and it's paid off big time, as I've gone back, time and time again, to reorder. It's a known fact how much I love Summer Juice - even by the good folks at Rainbow Honey! I have received a few extras in my orders (for backordered items) and those goodies had some Summer Juice added in them ;) The cuticle balms and oils are super nourishing. The balms are in stick form and easily travel-safe :)

As you can see, I love Summer Juice. My husband just rolls his eyes at me as I sit on the couch and just smell my Summer Juice products. I've been known to use the top coat on one finger just to be able to smell it all the time! haha Have you tried it? Do you have any of Rainbow Honey's other scents?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts.