Don't cry over spilled.... wine! Milani and VyNails art.

When I first envisioned this nail art, My colors matched a little better. But still. I'm quite proud of this, as it still came out exactly like I was thinking about it in my head. Can you tell what it is? Yeah, it's supposed to be wine pouring out of the bottle, down my nails and dripping into the glass. Some people thought the bottle was a knife and the wine was blood...

The decals are all VyNails by Royal Lacquer. The wine bottle and glass are the actual decals I just stuck on my nails. I also used the drip decals (reviewed here and used here) for my middle two fingers, then I used a dotting tool to add some more drips. The polishes I used were Milani Lady-Like Sheer, which I received for review, for the base, and Milani Sangria Rush, which I purchased with my own money.

I am really proud of this :) It's not perfect, but my nail art rarely is. I love using VyNails, and I'm often just dreaming of ways I can incorporate them into nail art. They are SO easy to use. Do you have any VyNails? Or any vinyl decals? I know there are a LOT of them out there now!

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