NYX lippies week: Jumbo Lip Pencils

I'm a huge fan of lip pencils (and eye pencils). So easy for travel or on-the-go - and these NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils are no exception. Even if they aren't exactly my color. I snagged four of them on sale at Goody's a while back. While I think only one of these really suits me, the application for all four was a dream. They glide on smooth and stay put. I'm showcasing Hot Red, Irish Coffee, Pecan and Almond.

Hot Red is definitely one that looks great on me. I generally look good in reds and oranges. They just fit my skintone. These pencils are really easy to maneuver. They glide in fairly easily and go exactly where I want them to go.

Irish Coffee, on the other hand, is way too light for me. It kind of made my lips look chalky, even tho they weren't chalky. Does that make sense? This color just isn't for me at all.

Pecan is a very nice your lips but better shade for me, but it's kinda flat, I guess. I think It would suit those with a darker complexion.

Now Almond. Wow. This peachy neutral almost looks yellow on me. Of all 4, this is the one I actually think looks the worst on me.

Do you have any of the Jumbo Lip Pencils? I'm a huge fan of lip pencils, and these are among the best. I may not always like the colors, but the pencils themselves are top notch. You can purchase them from NYX's website or wherever NYX cosmetics are sold. I find mine at CVS.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were them given as gifts.