Salon Perfect Oceanic swatches+review

Complete honesty? I bought this polish for the name. It was a complete throwback for me to LOST, the show you either love or hate. I, myself, had no issues with LOST or with the way it ended. I also completely understood what happened. I won't get into it at all, but I do believe a lot of people hated it because they didn't understand the ending heh

ANYWAY. This polish, Salon Perfect Oceanic (not #815 btw), is a sparkly blue sea of shimmer. It dries somewhat to a matte finish. I think this polish would be perfect as an ocean... that's kinda it's name! Pictured is two coats - you can still see a wee bit of VNL, but it's not so obvious that it's all you see. A third coat may have helped with that, but it was one of those things you see after it's all said and done haha

 (top row: direct sunlight; outdoors in shade...bottom row: indoors with natural light; indoors with flash)

Do you have this polish? What are your thoughts on Salon Perfect polishes? You can get Salon Perfect polishes at WalMart for less than $4 per bottle.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.