Zoya Ignite Collection swatches+review

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The second part of the Zoya fall colors is here! The Ignite Collection is ready and able to fulfill your gorgeousness quotient for the coming months. Six rich, shimmery colors await. So shall we dive right in? Check out my swatches and thoughts after the cut!

 I've taken a lot of pictures of this collection. You'll notice four photos for each color - sunlight, shade, indoors with natural light and indoors with flash (in that order, as if you are reading a book). I've done this for several reasons. I want to provide a wide variety of lighting options for you to see how the polish looks.

The coppery orange goodness of Autumn is my absolute favorite of this collection. Did you have any doubt? Two coats to perfection on this polish, which has the trademark Zoya Amazing Formula. I guess we could say that's a real thing.

Oh my, Remy is beautiful. It's a a metallic polish with an indigo base and gold and copper shimmer. Photos do not do it justice. It's seriously stunning in two coats.

An eggplant purple with gold shimmer, Sansa shines! This one could have been good in one coat if I'd been paying attention to what I was doing haha

India is a rich red with gold shimmer. It's a gorgeous color, and I see myself wearing this time and time again. It's a lovely shade on the deeper end of the spectrum, and that is what I'm about!

Teigen is called a pink-toned cranberry on Zoya's site, but I think it's more of a raspberry color. It is shimmery and bright, and it sparkles! The formula on this one was a little thinner than the rest, but it posed no problems with application. Two coats were good to go.

While Yuna is a color unique to my collection, I'm not sure I'm connecting with it haha This grey has flecks of copper and gold - what Zoya calls "liquid metal." You can definitely tell the shimmer is different! In that last photo it's very reminiscent of a scattered holo...

I think this collection, in companion with the Entice collection, brings the best of fall colors to you! I believe there's a little something for everyone. Will you be picking any of them up? You can order these for $9 each or all 6 for $54 on the Zoya website.

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